Going over through a series of remarkable guides on how to pass the IELTS listening test, I stumbled upon this helpful article online. Anyone who wants to succeed in the exam should learn how to listen in such a way that it helps them get a high test score. If you are an aspiring test passer, check this out:

How to prepare for IELTS Listening: three ideas | IELTS tips

http://www.ieltspractice.com/ielts-tips/?p=551. Make sure you know the test format Do you know how long the test is, how many questions you have to answer, whether you can make notes? You really shouldn’t wait till test day to find out these key facts. Click here to find out the basics. Understanding exactly what is going to happen will help you feel more relaxed – and will give you more time, giving you a better chance of getting a good band score.

2. Practise listening to different accents IELTS is an international test, you might hear Australian, British, New Zealand or North American accents. It’s sensible to spend some time listening to these different accents – and it’s not difficult to find radio stations online. For example, try Australia’s ABC Radio or CBC Radio from Canada. Better still, listen to some TED talks – often they have transcripts, so you can check the accuracy of your listening. Via ieltspractice.com

I personally believe that passing the test doesn’t just require tons of English proficiency knowledge, but also an enormous amount of practice. There are many websitesthat offer a number of very helpful practice test just like the one I found below.

IELTS Listening Test Part 3 Practice

http://www.ieltsbuddy.com/ielts-listening-test-part-3-practice.htmlTake this IELTS listening test part 3 practice to improve your band score.

The listening test gets more difficult with each part, so this section is more difficult than sections one or two.

In section three of the IELTS listening test you will hear two or three people speaking. The topic is usually something to do with college or university.

For example, two students discussing a course or presentation, or a tutor meeting with one or two students to discuss their course or assignments.

Some of the vocabulary in this IELTS listening test part 3 practice will be a bit more difficult than the previous sections which will make it a bit harder for some people.

The answers and script are below.

Note: the audio below may not work on mobiles or tablets – try this audio which will open in a different window if the one below does not work.

You will hear a woman asking a tutor for more information about a Media Studies course at a university.

Choose the correct letter A, B or C.

21 How long did Louise work at a radio station?

A 2 years

C 6 years Via ieltsbuddy.com

It is very interesting to note that there is a database of information available for IELTS test takers. Some of these materials are simple do’s and dont’s while others are highly interactive and require test takers to practice answering the test online.

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