Speaking- this is something that many people fear the most. However, IELTS test takers need to learn how to do it well in the English language to pass. There are many things that examinees need to understand about the IELTS speaking test such as knowing what the examiner really thinks. Read the article below to learn more!


IELTS Speaking the psychology | IELTS tips

http://www.ieltspractice.com/ielts-tips/2014/09/25/ielts-speaking-the-psychology/Have you ever thought that the IELTS Speaking test is about more than just speaking?

In the book “Thinking Fast and Slow”, the psychologist Daniel Kahneman describes the two systems of the human mind. System 1 is our unconscious thought; a constant monitoring of our environment, including the people around us. System 2 is the “conscious, reasoning self that has beliefs, makes choices and decides what to think about and what to do”. We tend to identify ourselves with System 2, but System 1 has a much greater influence on us than we think.

So, what has this got to do with the IELTS Speaking test?

The examiner is not supposed to take your personality into account when grading you. Whether they like you or not is irrelevant to your level of English. But examiners are not machines; they are human, and their System 1 will be making all sorts of unconscious judgments about you. If you’re friendly and polite and you smile and make eye contact, those judgments will be positive; if you look at the recorder while you’re talking and walk out without saying goodbye, they’ll be negative. IELTS Speaking the psychology | IELTS tips

The human mind works quite mysteriously, I suppose. However, people have already learned how to use the mind for their best interest. Here’s this interesting article about the human brain and some incredible facts about it.

Incredible Facts About The Human Brain You Won’t Believe

http://www.viralnova.com/brain-facts/You probably think that you know your own brain. After all, you use it every day. However, there are a lot of misconceptions and myths that people accept as the gospel truth. It’s time to debunk (or de-brain) those myths. Not only that, but we wanted to inform you of some strange brain trivia you probably weren’t aware of before. I don’t want to say your mind will be blown… but maybe your brain may be. Via viralnova.com

For years, I’ve been telling my students to take advantage of their brain’s best potentials. Surprisingly, many of them were able to do well during the exam. Aside from preparing for the speaking test, there are also those who use reading tools online to improve their reading skills.

If you have interesting articles about how to explore the brain’s greatest potentials especially during exams, please send me an email.

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