I’ve always been fascinated with healthy foods and the therapeutic benefits they offer. I’m also amazed by how some food items are associated with improvements in brain health and function. When I was a student (I studied IELTS with my teacher who constantly told me about the importance of health for studies), I used to consume snacks that were known to be beneficial to the brain especially before exams. I recently came across this article here that talks about the connection between eating healthy food and having test scores. Check this out:

How Brain Healthy Foods Relate to Higher Test Scores | HowToLearn.com

http://www.howtolearn.com/2014/10/how-brain-healthy-foods-relate-to-higher-test-scores/Proficient learning and attaining optimal test scores are two skills necessary in achieving didactic proficiency. Your adroitness at attention, concentration and recall are the hallmarks of academic success. What other elements are obligatory factors in attaining these types of cognitive achievements? Brain healthy eating, as well as, brain and body exercise routines comprise a much larger role in brain performance than previously understood.

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The food that we opt to consume to fuel our brain determines how adept these areas of cognition will function now and for the rest of our lives. Read more…

I just love reading articles like this one! I have more reading materials in my possession and they cover a wide variety of topics such as the studies that revealed how therapeutic natural foods are to the brain.

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