Writing with the use of the English language can be easy. However, it can also require hardwork and perseverance to dramatically improve one’s skills and knowledge in writing. There are some quick tips that test takers can take advantage of to achieve IELTS writing success. Below is an article that discusses the tips that can be useful to candidates. Check this out:

Quick tips for IELTS Writing success | IELTS tips

http://www.ieltspractice.com/ielts-tips/2014/10/07/quick-tips-for-ielts-writing-success/I’ve found that many candidates feel that the Writing test can be quite hard to practise for if you are preparing for the IELTS completely by yourself. A lot of people find it difficult to see where they are going wrong when they look through their own practice tests.

A lot of candidates have suggested getting an English-speaking friend to look through any Writing exercises you do and to give you feedback.

You can also get together with other people taking IELTS. You can swap and mark each other’s Writing tests and try to give feedback. Marking someone else’s work will help your writing skills as well! A great place to find past papers and model answers is Road to IELTS. ieltspractice.com

There are many topics that examinees should focus on to achieve IELTS success for the writing section. I have many reading materials about the exam that I would like to share here so please don’t forget to keep yourself updated.

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